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Volunteers have always been an integral part of the AP family environment and represent an invaluable capital.  It is an enriching experience for all and a unique means of understanding and appreciating our work first hand. There are no fees required to volunteer and no expectation of donations.  

However, we focus on recruiting skilled, professional volunteers who can assist in building capacity and contributing to the ongoing development of the children and team at Aziza's Place.  


Aziza's Place volunteers are enthusiastic individuals with expertise in any of the service areas we offer.  That includes education, nutrition, health, arts, sports and more.  Before contacting us please review this website and consider the contribution that you could make to the Aziza's Place family? 


Volunteer assignments can vary in length however we prefer commitments of at least 3 months to provide as much consistency as possible for the Aziza's Place children.  

Volunteer with us

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