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Paramount to the vision of Aziza’s Place’s is respect for children’s rights and a commitment to their wellbeing.  


All children in our care will be treated with respect regardless of gender, race, language, religion or creed, ethnic or social origin, disability or other status. 


Each staff member is a ChildSafe Agent certified to ensure we provide a safe environment for the children. All our employees, volunteers, interns and visitors are signatories to our Child Protection Policy, developed in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 


All staff extend respect and dignity to the children in their care.  Our management, house moms, cooks, drivers, academic and extracurricular teachers lead by example and reflect our values.  Each are expected to dedicate time to listen to each child individually, supporting and celebrating positive behaviour whilst discouraging negative conduct through simple language and compassionate approach.


For further information regarding AP’s Child Protection and / or our non-discrimination policies, please contact us

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