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Who we are

Aziza’s Place is a nonprofit learning and development center for underprivileged children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The children come from vulnerable families that are struggling to earn a living and to provide for themselves. We offer a wide range of programs to these children and work in close cooperation with their families inside their communities.

Because of our extensive experience in the reintegration of children back into their families and communities, and seeing how important it is for children’s wellbeing, we now cooperate with umbrella organisations and help other NGOs to follow the same steps and guide them in the reintegration process.

Who we serve



Our holistic programs and services provide the children with opportunities for intellectual, emotional and physical development which are key to their advancement into a balanced adulthood.

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Our social workers monitor and support the families we serve in the communities to ensure a sufficiently safe and stable environment exists for the children. We focus on the long term goal of helping children and their families to become independent and successful in life.

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We provide a wide range of programs within neighbourhoods where our families are resident. We support residential care centers and orphanages in the processs of moving their children back into their families and communitiies.

Support the children and families of Aziza's Place.

Latest News


Thank you for supporting Aziza’s Coffee

Dear friends and supporters of Aziza’s Place, As most of you know, Aziza’s Place embarked on an ambitious social enterprise venture called Aziza’s Coffee (a mobile coffee cart) in 2014 created primarily to employ parents (mostly mothers) of the children in our care. In addition, by operating out of the only solar-powered tuk-tuk in Cambodia […]

Aziza's Place

Welcome To Aziza’s Place!

Over the past months, our children have been corresponding with students from a school in Michigan (USA) by sharing short videos. The children have created their very own ‘AP TV’ videos. Today, we share their first movie: an introduction to the center that is part of their daily lives. Enjoy their tour of our center! […]

Aziza's Place

Aziza’s Place Youngest Children’s First Movie

For Khmer New Year, our primary school students took on an exciting movie project. For this, they chose the story of Prince Ream, a traditional story, and an important part of Khmer culture. This story has historically been performed for kings throughout Cambodian history, and we wanted our children to have the chance to be […]

Aziza's Place Cambodian Children Center

Aziza’s Place – Khmer New Year

Khmer New Year has arrived! Most schools and businesses in Cambodia will be closed for the whole week to celebrate the three-day festival. Traditionally, this is the time of the year for people to reunite with their families in the provinces. But we never let our children go without a party at our center! Our […]


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