Opening doors for Cambodian children and their families

Who we are

Aziza’s Place is a nonprofit learning and development center for underprivileged children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The children come from vulnerable families that are struggling to earn a living and to provide for themselves. We offer a wide range of programs to these children and work in close cooperation with their families inside their communities.

Because of our extensive experience in the reintegration of children back into their families and communities, and seeing how important it is for children’s wellbeing, we now cooperate with umbrella organisations and help other NGOs to follow the same steps and guide them in the reintegration process.

Who we serve



Our holistic programs and services provide the children with opportunities for intellectual, emotional and physical development which are key to their advancement into a balanced adulthood.

10th Anniversary AP (110)


Our social workers monitor and support the families we serve in the communities to ensure a sufficiently safe and stable environment exists for the children. We focus on the long term goal of helping children and their families to become independent and successful in life.

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We provide a wide range of programs within neighbourhoods where our families are resident. We support residential care centers and orphanages in the processs of moving their children back into their families and communitiies.

Support the children and families of Aziza's Place.

Latest News


Introduction to Aziza’s Place’s Newest Enrollees

We are very happy to welcome six new children who were accepted into Aziza’s Place family after they successfully passed through the requisite three-month probationary period. In October 2017, we offered seven children from the communities we serve to join AP’s programs. Every child welcomed into Aziza’s Place is required to pass through a three-month […]

kids in the garden

Fixing up the Garden – Part 2 [Blog]

As we get into the hot and sticky season in Phnom Penh, some of our new garden flowers are “feeling the heat” while others are thriving! Our ground cover or “potulaca oleracea” is thriving. We refer to these colorful little flowers as our “morning flowers” as they appear anytime during the year and only for […]


Cultural exchange program in Denmark [Blog]

After months of eager anticipation, AP’s university student Channy embarked on an adventure to Denmark. For three months, Channy is travelling around the country, participating in a cultural exchange program. She is sharing stories from Cambodian history and culture, but also her personal life-story, with hundreds of Danish students. Currently halfway through the program, she […]


My wonderful trip to Japan [Blog]

In December 2017, AP’s Sreyphea was invited by the Cambodian National Karate Team to join a training program in Japan. She wrote us a blog to share her impressions and experiences. Japan Japan is one of my favourite countries and I had always wanted to go there a long time ago. I always dreamed of […]


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