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Aziza's Courtyard
  Finishing 2013 with lots of Family Celebrations! 
Dear Friends of Aziza’s Place,
The first few months of the new school semester have passed quickly and the AP residents jumped back into the swing of the school schedule after the long summer break. In this edition of Aziza’s Courtyard, we share some pictures of the most recent Family Night where all the residents’ families come to Aziza’s Place to learn about their children’s progress and enjoy a lovely meal together that many of the residents' Moms have helped prepare.  We also celebrated Aziza's 21st  birthday and Christmas celebrations with our very own Santa!
All the residents also participated in our regular Outreach program at Steung Meanchey dumpsite, sharing educational sessions with the community there.
We are also very excited to introduce a very familiar face to our team of part-time staff to run our XO* laptop classes.
Best wishes for 2014 and thank you for your continued support.
*XOs are low-cost, durable laptops supplied to AP by the organisation One Laptop Per Child:
Family Night 
The Family Night event was a great success with the residents putting on great presentations and performances for their families. The children put their heads together to create a program which they think will best showcase what they have learnt and achievements to date.
We had an amazing traditional music performance and an astounding karate performance. Well done to all the residents for their efforts and taking part in such a great evening! The House Mums and Residents' Moms also worked double-speed to cook enough food for approximately 80 people!
Here are some photos from our photography friend, Lucas Veuve, who has been taking some great shots for us recently.  
Christmas Celebrations
Even though Cambodia does not officially celebrate Christmas, Aziza’s Place never misses an opportunity to have fun and celebrate together as a family. Decorating the Christmas tree was an exciting and creative joint effort which helped jump-start the festive mood throughout the residence.
As is the norm at Aziza's Place, the decorating effort was followed by eating where all the residents, staff and their families ate and laughed while being entertained by a familiar-looking Santa Claus!
For our newest staff member, Aimee, it was her first Christmas away from home in chilly England.  Aimee was overheard saying, “spending Christmas with my new family at Aziza’s Place was very special. It felt like my family had grown and it was so much fun to see everyone let their hair down for the event....[and it was warm outside].”
It was particularly special as it was our younger residents’ very first Christmas celebration and with the all candy they consumed and the anticipation of Santa giving out presents, it was a Christmas they will never forget.  
Drawing Contest
Eight of our younger residents participated in REDD’s (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) Drawing Contest. With over 40 participants, our very own Srey Nath made us all incredibly proud when she was awarded 3rd place, winning $80! Congratulations Nath! The drawings of all the contestants are now available in a beautiful book; a great souvenir for our 8 residents who took part.  
Special Visit from Crédit Agricole
Marie Leonard, Head of Communications from Crédit Agricole's London Branch office paid Aziza's Place a special visit in mid-November.  Marie has been very instrumental in mobilizing Credit Agricole's consistent support for Aziza's Place trough the Charities Committee.  This was the first visit from a member of CA-CIB London Branch's Charities Committee and we now hope we have another convert to helped spread the good word about Aziza's Place :) 
Aziza’s 21st Birthday
December 9th was a momentous day for Aziza’s Place. It was Aziza’s 21st birthday and all the staff and residents celebrated her life and love with a beautiful celebration in the evening. The residents made thoughtful birthday cards and posters to mark the big day and honour her ever-going presence at Aziza’s Place. 
XO laptop teachers in Residence
In 2008, Aziza's Place became only the second NGO in Cambodia to be the recipient of XO laptops: low-cost durable laptops provided by OLPC; One Laptop per Child (visit Students can program and create animations, go on instant chat with other XO users, browse the internet and stream music amongst other cool things. It’s an essential tool to our residents’ learning and development. As we have such high quality capabilities in-house, AP decided to run a job application process to our own residents to fill this vacancy and commenced a selection process which included the submission of lesson plans and giving our new Director of Development and Comms, who has never used an XO before, a first basic lesson on these versatile devices. After some tough decision-making, we are pleased to announce that Senkry is AP’s new XO teacher giving a 2 hour lesson each Saturday. Congratulations on your new part-time role, Senkry! 
Outreach at Steung Meanchey  
As part of our Community Outreach Program, all residents go to Steung Meanchey (SMC) municipal dumpsite to spend time with the community there and participate in education missions covering a variety of topics including basic English, health and hygiene, and arts & crafts with the children of SMC. Since our last newsletter, we have made several visits and ran sessions on the importance of eye-care and what should be done to prevent any eye diseases with our youngest residents Horn, Vandy and Chanty opening the session with a sing-song on eye-care! Well done for their great debut!
There was also some fun to be had where our residents held story-telling sessions, made origami pieces of all incredible shapes, sizes and colours with the children at SMC and made balloon monsters. They were productive and creative sessions especially to see our own residents embrace and blossom at the opportunity to help educate others.
Aziza's Place | #153, Street 12BT
Boeung Tompon | Phnom Penh, Cambodia |

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