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Aziza's Courtyard
April 2014
Dear Friends of Aziza’s Place
This edition of Aziza’s Courtyard reports on the many new and exciting happenings at Aziza’s Place: a new website was recently launched; our short documentary film "Aziza’s Place: Inspiring Aspirations" was officially screened in Phnom Penh on March 22rd; and several of our residents starred in a dance performance on national TV! It’s been a very crazy, busy few months here at Aziza’s Place! 
Thank you your continued support and Happy Khmer New Year!
The children performing the Coconut Dance
7th Anniversary
Friday 14th February, Valentine’s Day for the romantics amongst us, coincided with the 7th Anniversary of the opening of Aziza’s Place. As always, we celebrated in style but with a larger than usual stage production consisting of a stage and lots of seating to accommodate all the families, staff and children’s friends who were also invited. We owe a special thanks to Senkry who built the stage from scratch with help from our assistant Sangvat. Senkry also scripted a play which involved both the children and the staff and no one was let off the hook from acting out their part on the day! Rehearsals were a lot of fun and Senkry showed outstanding creativity and leadership skills in dealing with the organised chaos in the run-up to the event. He made us very proud!
Stella and Amjad during the Q&A session
Inaugural Film Premiere
As hinted in our previous newsletter, Stella Scott, a filmmaker from London, spent three weeks at Aziza’s Place over December/January period filming, filming and filming. The result is a refreshing and very touching short film titled “Aziza’s Place: Inspiring Aspirations” which had its first screening on March 22nd. The event was held at an intimate venue, Metahouse in Phnom Penh and featured local musician, Lewis Pragasam and the up and coming Cambodian-American recording artist, Laura Mam.  The film was extremely well received with guests from local businesses in Phnom Penh, friends of Aziza’s Place and all the staff. It was a perfect way to share with everyone what Aziza’s Place is all about and the great work that we’re doing. We are also intending to have subsequent screenings of the film in London, Dubai and maybe even across the Atlantic in the US in the next few months! 
Chiev’s First Film Premiere
One of our elder residents and aspiring filmmakers, Chiev, made us all very proud on April 9th when he showcased his first film at a public screening in Phnom Penh. Chiev’s film is about gangsters and the damage that’s caused by their involvement in their own lives and their community. For such young Cambodian talent, the public were impressed by Chiev’s ability to convey his message in a short film. His Q&A session was flawless and included translating from Khmer to English for his group of actors who were also up on stage with him. We are all very, very proud of Chiev and look forward to his next film. 
New Website
Aziza’s Place has received a facelift – virtually speaking! The team are all very excited about launching the new website: 
It is a clean, refreshing new look with a great photo gallery, “meet the children” and “meet the staff” section. Please take a look and peruse over a cup of coffee! 
Karate Competition
12 of our children competed in a Karate competition on April 5th and 6th and we had some fantastic results! Srey Phea, Srey Mach and Senkry came away with medals in 1st and 2nd place for Individual Movement and Sparring. Even our youngest residents participated with the Group Movement in front of the judges. What a great and exciting way to finish the Khmer year. 
Everyone wants to be on TV!
Aziza’s Place Traditional Dancers took part in a traditional drama performance with a famous troupe at the beginning of February for a national TV show. Thanks to our dance teacher, Sar Kunthea, the children were given the opportunity to contribute their traditional dance skills and perform like true professionals. It was a fantastic and fun experience for everyone involved and the show was televised on Saturday 22nd February on the national TV channel, KTV. 
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