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What do we do in daily practice?

AP currently supports 39 children and their families on their way to full independence. We provide a wide range of daily programs both at our center and in the communities.

AP and its programs directly and indirectly impact more than 300 people in the communities we serve.

Children's Programs

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Daily Care

Within the hustle and bustle that Phnom Penh has become, we provide a safe and relaxed environment where the children can be children again.

Every Monday to Saturday, we organize all transport between home, AP and school. A normal day at AP consists of having breakfast, going to school, returning for lunch, attending our extracurricular classes and at the end of the day returning back home after dinner.

Our daycare professionals create a warm environment and take care of the children throughout the day.

edu program
English creative class

Education program

We provide full coverage of school fees (primary, secondary, vocational training and university) and other school related expenses (uniforms, bags, books, etc.)

In addition to ensuring that the children attend the local Khmer schools, we provide daily classes to develop important professional skills and knowledge. We currently focus on Khmer, math, English and computer skills.


We provide help for students who have missed school to gain the academic grounding appropriate for their age in the Khmer public school system.


Our native speaking English teacher gives daily English lessons. The lessons use experience-based activities to reinforce new concepts and topics to expand the children’s world view and understanding of cross-culture communication.


Daily computer classes teach basic computer functions, typing and software like MS Office and Photoshop. We educate the children how to use the internet wisely.

dental care

Healthcare program

We provide health insurance - covering hospital costs, including cost of medication. In addition, the children have access to on-site nursing services. We organize training on topics such as personal hygiene, treating wounds and the importance of drinking clean water.

We make sure the children have all their vaccinations, organize regular visits to the dentist and cover smaller costs such as prescription glasses.

We organize biweekly psychological counselling sessions with every child. Helping them work through difficult emotional moments in a safe environment.

nutrition program

Nutritional program

We provide three nutritious meals per day. We provide fruit, water and healthy snacks throughout the day, and any other vitamin supplements.

Our house staff goes to the market every day to make sure we get fresh ingredients at the best price. They prepare all meals onsite.

We track the physical development of each child from their entry into AP to assess what additional dietary improvements / nutritional enhancements might be required.

Khmer dance

Arts program

Through our Arts program, the children learn about the culture, art and music of Cambodia and other nations. They enjoy weekly classes in traditional Khmer Apsara dance and playing Khmer music on traditional instruments.

Our Arts program also unleashes creativity and innovation through continuous creativity projects such as painting, building musical instruments, setting up a composting system, sculpting and recycling old materials into reusable items. During these projects, we encourage the use of the English language.

karate class

Sports program

Sports are key for the mental and physical wellbeing of children.

We have been giving Karate classes since the start of Aziza's Place. As a result, six of our students have earned a black belt and 15 more a brown belt. In 2017, one of our children placed third on an international karate competition as part of the Cambodian National Team.

We see the importance of our children learning how to swim. A lifeskill that is generally not taught at school in Cambodia. In 2017, we started swimming classes with the goal of turning all our children into confident swimmers.

Through a partnership with Skateistan, our children also have the option to join weekly skateboarding classes.


Safety program

For the safety of our children, we organize all transportation: we pick up the children from their homes every morning and bring them to Aziza's Place for breakfast and showers; organize their transport to school; bring them back to AP for lunch and dinner; and, take them back home to their families every evening.

We provide the children with bicycles and helmets and organize safety training. We have an on-site security guard.

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Special interests

Apart from our programs, we are also constantly on the lookout for special interests that the children want to pursue (computer graphics, art, music) and encourage and assist them take their interests further. We encourage the development of their talents.

For example, in 2017, we garnered financial support from donors so that one of our children could participate in an international karate competition (where she placed 3rd) as part of the Cambodian National Team. We are currently supporting one of our university students to participate in an international exchange project with Denmark.

Family Programs

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Social Work

Our social workers regularly visit the communities which we serve to monitor the progress of the families. This also involves meeting with community elders who provide guidance and a accurate picture of a family’s particular needs. As many of the families with whom we work are illiterate or semi-literate, our social workers support them in finding the necessary resources (which hospital to go to for free child-birth, job applications, etc.). They form an important bridge between school, AP and the parents, sharing results and issues between all parties and coordinating solutions.

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Supporting the parents

We organize training for the families. E.g. our parental skills training in which parents gain a better understanding of child development, the different forms of child abuse and how to recognise and prevent it.

We assist the families to find better jobs to get out of the unhealthy and dangerous work on the dumpsites and to improve living standards for themselves and their children.

Community Programs


Reintegration program

Having built years of hands-on experience in the reintegration of children back into their families and communities, we have gained a very valuable skillset. This led us to create the Reintegration program, guiding residential care centers and orphanages through this delicate process.

For more information, visit our page on the Reintegration Program.


Outreach program

Through the Outreach program we connect more closely with the communities we serve.

At Aziza's Place, children are exposed to the realities of the world and learn how they can make a meaningful contribution. Community development and involvement is at the heart of our philosophy. Our older children take on activities in their community, such as reading stories to the youngest.

We organize free health check-ups for all the members of the communities we are active in. Trained staff from Projects Abroad set up inside the communities every three weeks, educating the people and providing free medical advise and essential medication.


Crisis fundraising

In crisis situations, we fundraise to give an immediate response and help the affected community; e.g., during the previous monsoon seasons we have helped build and repair houses and, in 2015, we delivered aid after a rampant fire destroyed most of the houses in the Thnout Chhrum community where some of our children and their families resided.