We welcome you to donate towards the general operations of Aziza’s Place: go to Donate to make your generous contribution.

We also maintain a wishlist; see below. This list is regularly updated as different needs arise. If you are interested in contributing to any particular item(s) listed below, contact us to signal your preference. Also feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss the importance any item will have in the running of Aziza’s Place.

Thank you!

Books - we are looking for ways to improve our library, adding both Khmer and English books for our children. Both gifts and financial contributions are highly appreciated. ? $25 $25
Fans to equip our classrooms 4 $32 $128
Classroom desks 6 $45 $270
Stereo system - supporting dance class, music class, events and our children's movie theater 1 $300 $300
School van - a new van as part of our safety program, to transport our children safely between home, school and AP. 1 $6,000 $6,000
Helmets 20 $15 $300
Fridge 1 $600 $600
Airconditioner - for our staff in the office 1 $450 $450
Laserjet printer, with scan and copy functions: HP M227fdw 1 $300 $300
Swim wear - swimsuits for our secondary school students 6 $19 $114

We also welcome contributions towards the general operations of Aziza’s Place.