Our staff

Socheat Soy

Socheat Choy

Director of Programs & Social Worker

Chanphoumy Choeun

Director of Finance & Operations
Marady Kham

Marady Kham

Social Worker
Brent De Smedt

Brent De Smedt

Director of Development
Mum Sarik

Mum Sarik

Cook & House Mum
Mum Bop

Mum Bop

House Mum

Yen Yhern

Nget Theara

Nget Theara


Our teachers

Tike Omissi

Tike Omissi

English Teacher
Khmer-Math Teacher Hem Heu

Hem Heu

Khmer and math Teacher
Nho Sinat

Sinat Nho

Music Teacher
Sar Kunthea

Kunthea Sar

Dance Teacher
Karate Teacher July 2017

Phiyara Dek

Karate Teacher
Sarith Khut – Khmer teacher Oct2017

Sarith Khut

Khmer Teacher
Computer Teacher – Seila Duk – Dec 2017

Duk Seila

Computer Teacher

Board Members

Amjad Ghori

Amjad Ghori

Co-founder of Aziza's Place and the Aziza Ghori Charitable Foundation, Amjad lives in London in the UK with his wife and young daughter, Amina. He works for Crédit Agricole's Energy and Infrastructure Group and devotes a lot of his personal time to Aziza's Place. Amjad visits at least 3 times a year and has close friendships with the children and staff at Aziza's Place.

Seoung Sothearwat

Sothearwat Seoung

With more than 10 years experience in the social development sector, Sothearwat works as a consultant in supervision/coaching for senior NGO managers. Also practising as a Clinical Psychologist, Sothearwat provides counselling for people with mental distress, training on psychological health related topics to organisations working with children and women, orphanages and shelters.

Song Kunthea

Kunthea Song

Kunthea lives in Phnom Penh with her husband and works for the NGO Education Program. Having previously worked for World Vision Cambodia for a number of years, Kunthea's wealth of experience in the development sector has been an invaluable contribution to Aziza's Place.


Chamreun Yaim

Chamreun is the Executive Director at First Step Cambodia, a local NGO designed to meet the needs of boys that were victims and survivors of sexual abuse and their families, carers, supporters and communities in Cambodia. In July 2017, Chamreun joined our local Board. His experience in social work, being active in the same geographical areas as AP and being able to share a strong network in Phnom Penh, makes him a valuable addition to the Board.

David Hurd – fishing

David Hurd

David is a long-time friend to Aziza’s Place. He has extensive experience in the financial world, particularly in investment banking. During his career, David has lived and worked around the world, including Hong Kong, Dubai and China. In July 2017, he joined our local Board, helping us build and support our operations in Phnom Penh and helping in fundraising activities around the world.